Going Grey For A Day With BlondMe Blushes by Schwarzkopf Professional

Being blonde is one of my most favorite things in the world. And telling me there’s a way to be even more blonde without causing damage, well, that would just about bring me to happy tears.

So when I went into my home away from home, Pageboy Salon, a few weeks ago for my routine root touch-up, I was super excited to hear about a new product they had: BlondeMe Blushes by Schwarzkopf Professional. After I had my daughter, I went through a quarter life crisis and decided to dye my hair lavender. While I absolutely loved it, a change from my beloved blonde felt wrong, wrong, wrong. And that’s why the BlondMe Blushes might be the most perfect product for way-too-committed blondes like me. ever. Keep reading for my thoughts and tips now that I’ve tried BlondeMe Blushes.

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Blondeshell Beauty Tips

My New Favorite Thing: Organic Rose Water Toner

One thing my love has been doing lately to make my pregnancy a bit more enjoyable is spoiling me with gifts every so often. (I’m a lucky girl, aren’t I?) He typically stays away from buying me cosmetics or skincare items since he usually has no idea what he’s buying, and instead opts for the go-to Sephora or Ulta gift card. This last gift, however, he really surprised me.

After scouring the awesome website trying to find unique gifts for me, he stumbled across something called Rose Water Toner. He did his research, read a couple of reviews and decided to pull the trigger. He had no idea if I would like it, or if I would even need it, but lucky for him, I love this stuff. Continue Reading

Blondeshell Beauty Tips

Makeup & Beauty Must-Haves for New Moms (or Anyone in a Hurry)

Wow. It feels weird to be writing again. It feels good, but odd since it’s been so long. I’m writing this while my daughter is playing in her walker, bouncing, singing, and beating the shit out of her toys. Writing with that kind of distraction isn’t easy with my A.D.D., but I figure if I don’t just start, I’ll never get back to it. So here I am! Continue Reading


Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner Review: Why This Liner Falls Short

Benefit Push Up LinerTo say I was intrigued when I saw the promotions for Benefit’s newest eyeliner would be a massive understatement. I’ve never been shy about my immense love for Benefit Cosmetics (and for the most part any reviews I’ve done on their products have been overwhelmingly positive).One of my favorite mascaras that I recommend to most family members and friends is Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara. Continue Reading


Tutorial: How-To Do Subtle Pink Ombré Lipstick

Ombré hair, ombré nail polish, ombré clothes. The ombré trend has been everywhere the last few years, and before it goes away for good, I had to hop on board and experiment with the newest ombré trend: ombré lipstick.

If I’m being honest, I’ve never been a big fan of ombré hair. As a blonde, roots are my worst enemy and I can’t for the life of me understand embracing them with this trend. (Don’t get me wrong… most people pull it off well. I just have some kind of mental block that doesn’t allow me to love it.) Now, ombré lipstick? That’s a whole other story!

One day I was playing around with some of the lip products I had on hand. I didn’t have all I needed so I improvised and the end product was certainly passable. However, I was intrigued and wanted more! So I made a run to Ulta, came home with an handful of new lip colors and started playing. I posted a picture on my Facebook page and some of you really wanted to see a ombré lipstick tutorial, so here it is! Continue Reading

Blondeshell Beauty Tips

5 Best Pore Minimizing Primers

I swear one day I woke up and my pores were all like, “HEY GIRL! HOW YOU DOIN’?!” Out of absolutely nowhere, I had pores that wanted all the attention. I guess that’s just one more great thing about getting older. (This post is already dripping with sarcasm.) The worst thing was how my foundation suddenly looked awful. All kinds of foundations seemed to give me less coverage, looked heavy and would slide around. So I started searching for a miracle product to permanently shrink my pores, but I came up empty handed. (There are some things you can do minimize your pores temporarily, but that’s another post for another day.) Since there’s no permanent fix, your best bet for an airbrushed look is to use a foundation primer specifically designed to hide your pores. Continue Reading

Blondeshell Beauty Tips

Blondeshell Beauty Tips for Concealing Dark Under Eye Circles

dark-circles-under-eyeIt’s safe to say that every woman deals with dark under eye circles at some point in their life. Whether lack of quality zzz’s, allergies (hellooooo pollen!), or genetics are to blame, dark circles can be a real pain to conceal. As is usually the case with makeup, not having a clear understanding of which products work best with your skin tone and skin type, frustration and defeat prevail. However, there are a few things every woman should know about concealer to help them avoid that dreadful, caked on, crease-ridden, raccoon eye. Continue Reading