How-To: Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial with Urban Decay’s NAKED Basics

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eyes2The other day, one of my dear friends asked for a tutorial if I could give her some tips on eye makeup. I figured the best thing would be making a video tutorial of my “everyday” eye makeup. My friend was looking for a classic, simple look that could take her from the office to the bar for afterwork drinks while still looking flawless.

So, here’s the video tutorial and a breakdown of each step, as well as the specific products I used. Note: This tutorial is specifically how I do my eye makeup and these specific techniques may not work best for you. I have rounded downturned eyes. Depending on your eye shape and your skin tone, you’ll need to make adjustments to achieve your desired look. For example, I use a very frosty white on my lid, but you may look best with a more matte beige or champagne color. Alternately, if you have a hooded eye shape, then you’ll look best with a darker color on your lid. With that said, keep reading and watch my everyday eye makeup tutorial video to see how I do mine, and for suggestions on how to achieve a similar look.

What I Use:


Eye Makeup

I also used my benefit Brows-A-Go-Go kit for my eyebrows and in this tutorial, I use the brow highlighting powder with the eye bright. Check out my review of benefit’s Brows-A-Go-Go here.

Step 1: Prime your eyes

In this step, simply apply the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer and allow it to dry. This specific eye primer is anti-crease and will help your eye shadow last for hours.

Step 2: Apply your lid eyeshadow

For this video, I used an ULTA brand eye shadow on my right eye and Venus, the comparable color from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette on my left eye. The ULTA color has a bit more shimmer in it, but when dipped in water with my wet/dry shadow brush, the pigment is much more impressive. To apply your lid color, dip your shadow brush into your lid shadow and start applying at the inner eye, moving outward to the middle part of your lid. Dab a little of the shimmery color on your inner eye, just outside the tear duct. This will catch the light and make your eyes look much more open. Note: Depending on your skin tone, Venus may be the best color for your brow bone.

Step 3: Apply your transition color

In this step, I simply dipped my angled crease brush, “head first” into Naked 2 and applied it in a vertical line on the middle part of my lid, creating a transition into the darker crease color. You may not need to do this step, depending on your eye shape.

Step 4: Apply your crease shadow

Next, Dip your angled crease brush into Naked 2 and Faint and apply from the outer part of your upper lid to the center, making a sideways “V” shape. Work the darker colors into the natural crease of your eyelid, following your eye’s contours.

Step 5: Blend your crease color

With your blending crease brush, take a clean (or semi-clean, depending on your preference of color depth) and use it to blend the deeper crease color into the natural contours of your eye, moving almost all the way to the inner part of your lid color.

Step 6: Highlight the brow bones

With another shadow brush (or your clean shadow brush used on your lid), dip it into the highlight color of your choice. I used a mixture of Venus, Foxy and Walk of Shame. Then, I mixed in my brow highlighting powder from my Brows-A-Go-Go kit. This is an important step for my eye shape, as it catches the light, making my brow bone appear more prominent.

Step 7: Curl your lashes!

This is a VERY important step for nearly any eye shape. Curling your lashes will make your lashes appear fuller and your eyes look much bigger. I use the Japonesque Heated Eyelash Curler. If you don’t have a heated eyelash curler, simply hold any traditional metal curler under your blow dryer for a few seconds to get it hot. Let it cool for a moment and then squeeze your lashes. This will give them a more dramatic curl, but be careful! Don’t burn your eyes or rip your lashes out… I’ve done both and it’s no fun!

Step 8: Apply first coat of mascara

One thing that I love to do with any client is apply two separate coats of mascara. Once you’ve curled your lashes, apply a coat of Lash Domination by bareMinerals, or the mascara of your choice.

Step 9: Apply liquid liner

I use a drugstore liquid eyeliner that has become one of my absolute favorites. Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner is a high quality, budget-friendly option for liquid eyeliner. I start about three-quarters of the way toward my inner eye and gently press and extend outward. To create a very subtle winged liner (which is perfect for my eye shape), I pull outwards a bit. I don’t do too much of an angle since this is just for my everyday look.

Step 10: Apply second coat of mascara

My second coat of mascara is always benefit They’re Real! This is an amazing mascara that gives noticeable results. The brush is one of the coolest things about it and it comes in handy when you’re trying to brush out any clumps in your lashes.

Step 11: Finish with eye bright

This is another step I mentioned in my Brows-A-Go-Go review. The very last thing I do is apply my eye bright in the inner and outer corners of my eyes to make my eyes appear bigger and make me look more awake. So give this a try and tell me how it works for you! Which eyeshadows do you use for your everyday eye makeup? Tell me in the comments section!