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5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips: Green Your Routine This Earth Day


I may be a makeup loving, perfume wearing, handbag hoarding woman, but when it comes to the environment, I’m also a crunchy hippie at heart. It’s true that despite my love affair with all things beauty related, I make a consistent effort to do my part to help the beautiful planet I call home. Since today, April 22, is Earth Day, I wanted to share a some of my favorite and easiest ways to live a little more green.

So keep reading for some helpful eco-friendly beauty tips to give your beauty routine a green makeover for a positive lasting impact on Mother Earth.

Skip A Shampoo or Two

Before you runaway screaming in fear of greasy hair, hear me out. Shampooing every day not only wastes tons of water, but it is also damaging to your hair. Sulfate heavy shampoos can strip your hair of natural oils resulting in dull, dry locks. Instead of regular shampoos, why not give dry shampoo a try? Dry shampoo adds texture for a sexy look and makes styling a breeze. Since you won’t be wetting your hair, you don’t have to blow dry, saving time, water AND electricity! A few of my favorite dry shampoos are Big Sexy Hair’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo, $17.95, Kevin Murphy’s Fresh.Hair, $32, and VERB’s Dry Shampoo, $14. If you’re local to the Athens, GA area, then you can grab either of the latter two at Pageboy Salon, located downtown on College Avenue.

Give Chemical Free, Eco-Friendly Cosmetics a Try


Companies that adhere to strict environmentally friendly practices significantly reduce their carbon footprint on the world. That’s something that should be rewarded, don’t you think? Chemical free and eco-friendly doesn’t mean they aren’t just as good as the alternative. In fact, in many cases, these products are even better. Their chemical free formulas have less of an impact on your skin. Brands like Burt’s Bees, Origins Skin Care and tarte cosmetics all make award-winning, eco-chic products that allow for healthy and beautiful skin. Give them a try this Earth Day and I’ll bet you won’t turn back.

Raid Your Kitchen for Serious Skincare

Did you know that there are several common ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right now that can give you gorgeous, radiant skin while saving you some serious cash? It’s true. Honey is a natural antiseptic, antifungal, and humectant (meaning it will protect your skin’s moisture). Suffer from acne? Make a soothing face mask out of honey and green tea. Coconut oil and sugar make for an exceptional exfoliator for your face and lips. Use lemon juice as a facial toner to get rid of blackheads and tighten your pores. Dab tea tree oil on a nasty zit to dry it up in no time. Check out this website for some great natural homemade skincare recipes.

Save the Planet & Your Money with Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Tools

If you’ve been to my blog before, you’ve likely heard me rave about the high quality, budget-friendly cosmetic brushes from EcoTools. Some of my favorite and most used makeup brushes come from this company and they just so happen to be 100% cruelty-free made from recycled aluminum ferrules with gorgeous bamboo handles. In addition to their awesome brushes, they also have eco-friendly bath accessories, false lashes, and all of their products come in reusable packaging made of post-consumer recycled paper and plastic. EcoTools makes environmentally conscious beauty easy and extremely affordable.

Participate in Incentive Based Recycling Programs

MAC_in_SM_Aura,_BGCIf you use makeup as much as I do then you probably toss tons of empty containers each year. Lucky for us, many popular cosmetic companies have launched incentive-based recycling programs to make sure their containers don’t end up in the landfill. Here’s a few you may want to take advantage of:

  • MAC Cosmetics has one of the most generous incentive based recycling programs. Not only do they take your empty containers off your hands, but for every six empty containers you bring in, MAC will give you one free lipstick or lip gloss free!
  • Origins is another great company that encourages consumers to recycle their containers. They accept any container, regardless of the brand and as a thank you, you will receive one free sample of their performance skincare products.
  • Kiehl’s also gives customers some sweet freebies for recycling empty bottles through their Recycle and Be Rewarded! program. For every empty bottle you bring to be recycled, you get one stamp on a card. Three stamps scores you a free lip balm and five stamps snags you a travel size product. Keep bringing your bottles in and after 10 stamps, you’re able to take home a full-size Kiehl’s product absolutely free!

So now that you have these five eco-friendly beauty tips, why not give Mother Earth a birthday present and give them a try? Have any other tips? Let me know in the comment section and have a happy Earth Day!

  • Good tips girlie, I have only done back to MAC a few times …Love the post!