My Ipsy Glam Bag for June 2014

ipsy_glam_bag_june_2014It’s no surprise that beauty product subscription services have taken off over the last few years. I mean, really… who wouldn’t love getting a package full of new beauty goodies every month?

A few months ago, one of my favorite people in the world told me about Ipsy. I’d tried Birchbox for a bit, but after a while I felt a little ripped off. Spending $110 a year for a bunch of “deluxe samples” I could get just by walking into Sephora didn’t really make sense to me. So when my dear friend Lindsay told me that Ipsy provides full size beauty products for the same price, and they come in an adorable reusable cosmetic bag, I was intrigued.

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(Psst… Check out this Buzzfeed article that breaks down the value of several popular beauty box subscriptions.)

I immediately signed up, and was sad to see I’d been placed on a wait list. Luckily, time flies, and several weeks later, I’d gotten confirmation that my first glam bag was on its way. It’s now June and I’ve been receiving my glam bags since February, and so far, I’m in love. Every month, I look forward to pulling the bright pink envelope from my mailbox and opening it up to see which new goodies I’ll get to try, and ultimately share with you guys!

So, if you’re interested in seeing what came in my Ipsy Glam Bag for June 2014, check out my video. Then, read my post for my thoughts on these items and my “product grade” now that I’ve spent some time playing with them…

1. Blue Shimmer Eyeliner by NICKA K New York

blue_eyeliner_ipsy_nicka_k_new_yorkSummertime means more color everywhere! My wardrobe is brighter, my neon summer nail polishes glow, and I love adding little pops of color in my makeup. So I was pretty excited when I tried the Blue Shimmer Eyeliner by NICKA K New York.

It’s a liquid liner in a shiny, electric blue, and the brush applies the liner in a solid, thin line, so you don’t have to worry about it coming out in clumps and messing up your whole look. The brush also allows you to effortlessly apply and build onto for a line as thick or thin as your heart desires. I’ve yet to wear it out, but when I do, I’ll be sure to snap a photo and share with you guys. My initial thoughts on this are it’s on-trend, fun, and a quality product.

  • My Product Grade: A+

2. “Lash Out” Mascara by Be A Bombshell

You can never have too many tubes of mascara, so I was excited to see my June glam bag included a tube of “Lash Out” Mascara by Be A Bombshell. I was, however, a little disappointed to see that the mascara was a bit dry. I tried it yesterday, and well, there’s nothing too special about it. The formula seems mediocre, and there’s nothing innovative about the lash brush. Still, it’s a full-size mascara and if I’m in a pinch, I’m sure it will be nice to have.

  • My Product Grade: C

3. NYX Butter Gloss – “Apple Strudel”

nyx_butter_gloss_ipsy__glam_bagjune_2014I’m already a fan of NYX’s Butter Glosses. In fact, I just bought a few of NYX’s Butter Glosses from Ulta the other day. So, I was pretty happy to see I got another one in my June Glam Bag, and even happier to see it was one I didn’t already purchase.

It’s a really adorable coral-light pink color, and like most things by NYX, I’m impressed with the quality considering the extremely affordable price-point. The gloss glides on and is silky smooth… just like buttah! It can be worn over another lip color for a subtle shine, or a customized color, and it doesn’t feel sticky or thick at all.

  • My Product Grade: A

4. Dream Waves Beach Spray by Marc Anthony

Unfortunately, I’m not going to get much use out of this. I don’t like putting “beach sprays” or “sea sprays” or anything like that on my hair. Since most of them include some type of salt in their ingredients, they tend to dry my hair out.

What I can say about this product is it SMELLS AMAZING! Other than that, I don’t have much to say about it since I won’t be using it. But hey! Maybe it will make for a good item to include in an upcoming blog giveaway… 😉

  • My Product Grade: B-

5. BB Cushion SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen by Laneige

Last but not least is this BB Cushion Sunscreen by LANEIGE. I’d never heard of BB Cushion before, but it’s pretty much just like a BB cream, but with a higher SPF and a very different formula. According to their product description you’ll be able to “prevent shine and brighten skin by visibly reducing dark spots” and the “patented air cushion distributes just the right amount of BB cream” for “all day flawless skin”. It’s more of a mousse than a cream, and it feels like velvet on my skin. So far, I’m a fan of this stuff.

Like most BB creams, Laneige’s BB Cushion gives your skin a natural glow, without looking or feeling oily. If you prefer more of a matte finish, this product isn’t for you. I happen to love that soft “post yoga glow” so it’s worked well for me, and the added SPF is a huge plus. It’s important to note that this product gives me the same problem as other BB creams: the color. As great as this one seems, their lightest shade is still not light enough for my pale skin. With that said, it’s available exclusively at Target, so if you’re thinking of trying it, be sure to add it to your list for your next Target run.

  • My Product Grade: B+

So, do you have a favorite beauty subscription service? Do you subscribe to Ipsy? If so, what came in YOUR glam bag for June? What did you think of it? Tell me in the comment section below!