Tutorial: How-To Do Subtle Pink Ombré Lipstick

Ombré hair, ombré nail polish, ombré clothes. The ombré trend has been everywhere the last few years, and before it goes away for good, I had to hop on board and experiment with the newest ombré trend: ombré lipstick.

If I’m being honest, I’ve never been a big fan of ombré hair. As a blonde, roots are my worst enemy and I can’t for the life of me understand embracing them with this trend. (Don’t get me wrong… most people pull it off well. I just have some kind of mental block that doesn’t allow me to love it.) Now, ombré lipstick? That’s a whole other story!

One day I was playing around with some of the lip products I had on hand. I didn’t have all I needed so I improvised and the end product was certainly passable. However, I was intrigued and wanted more! So I made a run to Ulta, came home with an handful of new lip colors and started playing. I posted a picture on my Facebook page and some of you really wanted to see a ombré lipstick tutorial, so here it is!

What You Need | What I Used:

Lip Balm | Generic Lip Balm
Lip Primer | e.l.f. Studio Lip Primer & Plumper
Bright Pink Lipstick | Maybelline ColorSensational Lipcolor in Fifth Avenue Fuschia
Light Pink Lipstick | Ulta Lipstick in Tickled Pink (243)
Lip Brush | Eco Tools Detailed Lip Brush
Lip Gloss (Optional)


Step-By-Step Guide:

1. First, make sure you’ve removed the dry, dead skin by exfoliating your lips. Then, follow with a lip balm to moisturize. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then blot.

2. Use your lip primer (or concealer if you don’t have a lip primer) and apply to the center of your lips.

3. Next, apply your lightest pink lipstick all over and blot.

4. Use your lip brush to apply the darker pink lipstick to the outer corners of your lips, and create an outline on your bottom lip. Use your brush to bring the lip color to the tops of your “V” on your upper lip.

5. Remove any remaining lip color from your lip brush and use your cleaned brush to apply your lighter pink lipstick to the center of your lips.

6. Use a clean lip brush to blend the lip color for a lovely ombré effect.

7. Blot. Apply lip gloss, if you’d like, and then smile! You’re done!

The best part about this lip trend is you can do it with soooo many colors. I chose to try a subtle pink ombré lip color first, but I’ve started playing with darker, more dramatic ombré lipstick colors and if you want to see them, just ask me in the comment section below. I’ll happily share with you!