Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner Review: Why This Liner Falls Short

Benefit Push Up LinerTo say I was intrigued when I saw the promotions for Benefit’s newest eyeliner would be a massive understatement. I’ve never been shy about my immense love for Benefit Cosmetics (and for the most part any reviews I’ve done on their products have been overwhelmingly positive).One of my favorite mascaras that I recommend to most family members and friends is Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara. It’s a high-quality, performance mascara and I’ve received so many compliments when I wear it. So, when (a few months ago) I got my sample of Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Push Up Liner in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try it.

Can you imagine my disappointment when I realized how awful this liner was? Keep reading my Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner review as I break down and explain exactly what about this eyeliner made it such a massive FAIL…

1. The Tip Turns to Trash After 2 Uses: The tip of the pen features Benefit’s patent-pending AccuFlex™ technology, which is a pretty cool concept. At first glance, it’s flexible and slanted which allows the pen to get as close to the lash line as possible. My problem is the way the tip becomes way too flexible (or should I say flimsy?) after a few uses.

It does come with an “AccuFlex™ tip protector”, which I guess you’re supposed to keep and reuse after each application, but it’s so small and there’s no way I’m going to keep up with it forever, let alone remember to put it back each timeAccuTip_Theyre_Real_Liner. So maybe it’s my fault, but when I’m applying makeup to clients or on a job and in a hurry, I’m not going to take the time to keep up with a microscopic tip protector. That’s all the more reason why I’m not going to make this a staple in my makeup arsenal.

According to Benefit, “The wide base aids stability, the flat guard pushes lashes out of the way and the soft tip means no tugging or pulling on the delicate lids.”

So yeah, I’ll give them this much: It doesn’t pull on the eyelid, and it does help to push the lashes out of the way. My issue is that the tip just simply doesn’t hold its shit together for more than a couple of uses. And even though it doesn’t pull on the delicate eyelid area, that doesn’t really matter when the formula is so dry that it causes your eyes to hurt, which leads me to my next point…

2. The Gel Liner is Way Too Dry: This is one of the biggest complaints I’ve noticed in nearly every negative review, and one of my biggest issues as well. Even for the most advanced professional, a flaky liner can cause a lot of problems. Not to mention, it dries fast and stays put (this can definitely be a pro), but if you make a mistake, well you’re just S.O.L.

3. The Formula Is Not Buildable: This formula dries quickly, and the gel liner is simply not buildable. If you want to try for a thicker, darker line, you’ll be left with a nasty, flaky mess.

Benefit_AccuFlex_Tip4. The Formula is Way Too Flakey: There’s nothing cute about a flaking eyeliner. Not only is it annoying, but it makes your eyes look a hot mess.  And if one of my clients has sensitive eyes, this can be a real problem.

The flaking liner could could be caused by the excess product that comes thanks to the crappy pen’s twist dispenser (see #5), but whatever the reason I can’t understand how this product got out of product development. 

5. The gel pen/click dispenser is a pain in my ass: As is the case with most twist or push pump dispensers, you have to twist several times before the first application to get the product moving. That’s fine. What I didn’t like was that after a few uses, I was still having to twist forever to get the product to dispense.

By the time it finally made its appearance, it was overflowing and I was wasting a ton of product. I tried the whole “give it a minute” between clicks, but that never seemed to work. Per the instructions, the claims are it will only take “one click per eye” and let me tell you, that’s a load of shit. 

In closing, here are my list of pros and cons regarding Benefit’s They’re Real! Push Up Liner:


  • Long-wearing formula
  • Love the concept of the gel pen
  • Like it claims, it does actually hug the lash line, so at least there’s that.


  • Formula is clumpy and flakes
  • Is NOT buildable
  • Dries fast, so make a mistake, and you’re screwed
  • The applicator tip falls apart after a few uses
  • Gel pen/click dispenser wastes product
  • This liner is priced at $24, and is on par with some of the worst drugstore liners I’ve ever used.

I am baffled that this product got past the product development floor, especially coming from a cosmetic company with such high standards. Benefit, you’ve disappointed me this time. Don’t worry, I’ll still keep coming back to try my old favorites (*ahem* They’re Real! mascara, Dandelion blush, Brow Zings, etc.), but trust me… Unless there’s a product relaunch with a notable difference between this version and the next, I’ll never buy the They’re Real! Push Up Liner again.