Going Grey For A Day With BlondMe Blushes by Schwarzkopf Professional

Being blonde is one of my most favorite things in the world. And telling me there’s a way to be even more blonde without causing damage, well, that would just about bring me to happy tears.

So when I went into my home away from home, Pageboy Salon, a few weeks ago for my routine root touch-up, I was super excited to hear about a new product they had: BlondeMe Blushes by Schwarzkopf Professional. After I had my daughter, I went through a quarter life crisis and decided to dye my hair lavender. While I absolutely loved it, a change from my beloved blonde felt wrong, wrong, wrong. And that’s why the BlondMe Blushes might be the most perfect product for way-too-committed blondes like me. ever. Keep reading for my thoughts and tips now that I’ve tried BlondeMe Blushes.

So what are these blushes anyway? They’re basically a DIY toner that you can apply sparingly for a vibrant, brass-free blonde or use a heavier hand for a fun on-trend soft pastel style.

Schwarzkopf Professional describes these blushes: “Beach up blondes with BLONDME Paint-On Lightener for seamless grading and up to 7 levels of ammonia-free lift, and pamper any blonde base with BLONDME Instant Blushes for delicate blonde refining in 4 on-trend pastel shades.  

The 3 BLONDME signature techniques: LightMe!, BlushMe! and MermaidMe! reveal the beauty of blondes with versatile techniques that create astonishing beach and soft pastel looks.”

The blushes come in 4 shades: Ice (a lavender shade), Jade (a soft green pastel), Strawberry (pastel pink), and Steel Blue (a cool blue shade). Since I knew lavender worked for me, I went with Ice.

BlondMe_BlushesJenna, my stylist at Pageboy Salon here in Athens, GA, gave me a few tips. First, she told me it might be a bit difficult to get an even application if I’m doing it on myself. It comes in a spray bottle and on super porous blonde hair like mine, as soon as I sprayed it, my hair soaked it up, so combing it through was pointless. That’s why she told me it might be best to just mix it in with my conditioner.

Of course, I didn’t listen. I watched this quick tutorial video and went metaphorically balls-to-the-wall with it. The result? I went grey for a day. Lucky for me, it turned out pretty great, but I would not recommend doing this if you’re in a hurry to get out the door as it took me at least an hour of applying and combing it through.

The DIY Application

First, I washed and conditioned my hair. I threw it up in a microfiber towel and while it dried a bit, I did my makeup. Then, I took my hair down while it was still plenty damp. I combed it out, and put it in 5 sections.

Initially, I wanted to do what is referred to as the “Mermaid Technique” where it’s an almost ombre effect, but before I knew it, it had gotten out of hand. Because spraying it on does make it incredibly difficult to get even, I ended up just saturating my hair and combing it through. Here’s the finished product:




Application Tips

1. Wear gloves. I had purple hands for at least 24 hours, and my fingernails looked awful.

2. If you can, have someone else spray and comb through for the best, most even application. Guess that makes it not so DIY, but still.

3. If you’re looking to just tone your blonde and get rid of any brassiness, I would recommend mixing it in with your conditioner and combing it through your wet hair.

So do you think you’ll give BlondMe Blushes by Schwarzkopf Professional a try? If you’re interested, you can get it in town at Pageboy Salon at 132 College Avenue Athens, GA 30601 for $26.

Which shade would you like to try? Tell me in the comments below!

**All opinions in this post are my own.**