Layla’s ONEderful First Tea Party Birthday

This post is off topic for me, but I’m so proud of my daughter’s DIY first birthday tea party and I wanted to share! A lot of time and effort went into planning it and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. Keep reading to learn what all went into the decor and to see more photos from Layla’s ONEderful Tea Party!

Tea Party Decor

I tried planning on a budget as much as possible and with the help of my highly creative and budget-minded sister, I was able to keep my decor budget relatively low. It required a lot of thrift shops and borrowing here and there from friends and family. After months of pinning things on Pinterest, I finally decided on a color scheme: pink, teal, and gold. Lucky for us, Easter had just passed and a lot of the pastel pink, gold, and teal decor was on clearance.

We decorated the table with 1’s I had individually cut out by hand from glitter cardstock paper (yes, I am totally aware that I am insane) and candies from Party City. For the hanging streamers, we went thrifting and found old sheets to match our color scheme. I cut them into strips and individually tied them on wooden circles (I have no idea what these things are actually called) purchased from Michael’s.

For her high chair skirt, I did the same thing and tied them around a large piece of gold ribbon. Gold banner flags, twine and pink letter stickers (all from Michael’s) were used to create several “LAYLA IS ONE!” banners that decorated the party.

My sister took on the tasking duty of cutting decorative paper from the scrapbooking section of Michaels with a large hole punch we got on Amazon to make some lovely paper garlands we literally hung EVERYWHERE. Instead of sewing them, she used hot glue and they held up wonderfully.

Floral garlands that were on sale at Michael’s really added to the overall garden tea party feel, as did lace table cloths and milk glass vases we found at various thrift stores around town. One amazing friend used to have a bakery and she let me borrow a ton of beautiful cake stands and dessert trays. I’m telling you, she really hooked me up!

The photo banners were one of my favorite things to make, and one of the easiest. For the main decor, I went around to several thrift stores in town and bought a ton of tea cups that I spent hours painting with craft paint.

To go with the tea party theme, Layla’s godmother who owns an amazing vintage clothing store named Wild Souls brought boxes full of vintage hats for guests to wear. This made for some adorable photos! Oh, and Layla’s birthday dress came from this great website called Kutie Tutie’s.

Food & Drink

The most important part of any party!

We decided to make finger foods (fruit and veggie trays, meat and cheese trays, tea cookies, finger sandwiches) as well as crackers and biscuits with a variety of jams and jellies.

We set up a tea station with a variety of tea options. We had a signature drink for the adults that I kinda just threw together (and yes, it was alcoholic and very pink). For the kids, there was an icy blue drink that was just watered down Kool-Aid and cucumber water. What can ya do?

Other offerings included a delicious broccoli and cheese quiche and sweet “sandwiches” made with Nutella and raspberry preserves between two slices of pound cake from The Fresh Market (the most delicious pound cake in the world).

My dear friend’s incredibly talented mother made her first birthday tea pot smash cake and it came out well beyond what I had ever imagined. To top it all off, she made what seemed like a million delicious teal cupcakes with gold glitter icing. I bought this beautiful cupcake stand on Amazon for $29 and I was so impressed by the quality. I’m planning to use it for every big event in Layla’s life.

Seriously, this woman (Jennifer Christian) is mega talented and if you’re in the North Georgia area and ever have any specialty baking needs, you must check her out. You can shoot her an email at

We asked that our guests not worry about bringing gifts, but of course when a little girl turns one, she’s going to be showered with gifts. We set up a gift table under a chalkboard with some notes about Layla’s first year.

The party went off without a hitch and we had such a wonderful time celebrating our sweet baby girl’s first birthday! She turns 2 in a few days, and we’re going to go pretty low-key this time around. Lucky for us, Layla will always have these beautiful photos taken by Mintwood Photo Co. to remember her first birthday party.

What do you think of this first birthday tea party? Would you consider doing something like this? Tell me in the comments below!